Weekly Highlights

The Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) team took their youth to the Wind Wolves Preserve for a camping trip full of group activities and fresh air. Excellent work, WLCAC!
The Volunteers of America team in Rampart II team participated in a community event at MacArthur Park alongside LAHSA, PATH, and the LA Public Health Department to provide housing resources, food items, COVID tests, and COVID vaccines to the homeless and transgender population within the area. Excellent work, VOA!
The Volunteers of America (VOA) team in Rampart II participated in an Easter event and Candlelight Vigil, both of which took place with our partners at the LAPD Rampart Station. The team was able to engage the community and provide some relief during this overwhelming time. Excellent work, VOA!
gun buyback
Thank you to all who stopped by our annual Anonymous Gun Buyback event! Community members were able to turn in their weapons and receive gift cards in exchange, no questions asked.
Our partners at Bresee Foundation hosted a variety of events throughout the holidays, continuing to serve the Olympic area by feeding families and providing resources. Excellent work, Bresee!
The Volunteers in America team in Rampart II hosted a grocery distribution in partnership with LAPD's Rampart Division, serving over 3,000 community members. Excellent work, VOA!
Our annual Gun Buyback took place this previous weekend and welcomed community members from across the city. Thank you to our team, LAPD, and all involved for making the event a great success!
The team at Volunteers of America (VOA) in Rampart II hosted a community Thanksgiving event at the LAPD Rampart station to provide meals and other resources to neighboring community members. Excellent work, VOA!
A family of four, Guadalupe lives with her husband and two daughters. After both she and her partner lost their jobs due to COVID, Guadalupe's family struggled financially, and their daughters experienced difficulties navigating an entirely new virtual school experience. Her youngest, Sophia, was facing emotional turmoil, which affected her sleep, eating, and mental state. After finding no other recourse, Guadalupe turned to the Gang Reduction & Youth Development (GRYD) program at Bresee where she found the support she and her youngest daughter required. GRYD provided her daughter with counseling sessions and mentorship, and after a period of time, Guadalupe noticed a marked improvement in Sophia's behavior. Excellent work, Bresee!
Our partners at the Bresee Foundation distributed altar kits to families to provide them with the means to celebrate Dia de los Muertos at home. Despite COVID, they wanted their community to experience the holiday by having the materials necessary to build their own ofrendas (altars). Excellent work, Bresee!