Summer Night Lights

Summer Night Lights

Summer Night Lights (SNL) is a key component of the GRYD Comprehensive Strategy. Building community trust and offering positive alternatives to communities impacted by violence is essential to enhancing public safety. Launched in 2008, SNL has become a summer staple in the Los Angeles communities most impacted by gang violence.

SNL creates safe environments during the peak times for gang related violence. This is accomplished by providing free meals, extended programming and sports leagues, along with safe space for recreation, community engagement, employment opportunities, and linkages to local resources. Community members report increased perceptions of safety during programming hours and a more positive opinion of the LAPD in post-SNL surveys.

SNL is a highly successful public-private partnership. Close to half of the program’s cost is paid for by the generous support of foundation and corporate donors. SNL program partners include: the Los Angeles Police Department, the Department of Recreation and Parks, GRYD intervention and prevention contractors, the Department of Cultural Affairs, the GRYD Foundation, the Hungry Hog & Starving Steer, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office and Los Angeles area professional sports teams, among others.

SNL reinvests in our communities, which are highly affected by unemployment, by creating local job opportunities for youth and adults.

SNL 2018 employed:

  • 352 youth hired as SNL Youth Squad
  • 64 Site Coordinators
  • 16 Cluster Coordinators
  • 8 SNL Office Staff
  • 83 Artists (visual arts, music, dance, culinary)
  • 88 SNL/seasonal Community Intervention Workers (CIWs)
  • 258 Sports Officials


Click here to download our SNL infographic and learn more about our 2018 results.