The GRYD Office is proud to partner with various city departments to strengthen and sustain safer communities. Below you will find links to partners that address various issues and concerns facing Angelenos.


Public Safety and Emergency Services

Police Services

Fire Services

Victims of Crime Services


Personal Development Services

Economic and Workforce Development Department


Top City Request Services

Public Infrastructure and Landscape Services


Transportation and Parking Services

LA Department of Transportation Services

  • Damaged Traffic Signs or Signals - Report malfunctioning, flashing, damaged, dark or knocked down signals, damaged stop signs, and knocked down signposts
  • Abandoned Vehicles - Report vehicles parked more than 3 days without moving can be reported to the City
  • Vehicles Parked Illegally - Report vehicles blocking a driveway, next to a red zone, in violation of an ordinance or parking sign are handled by Parking Enforcement
  • Faded/Missing Road Strip - report a missing or faded pavement marking 24 hours a day


Housing Services

Financial Assistance