Overview of GRYD Prevention Services

Overview of GRYD Prevention Services

GRYD Prevention Services are designed for youth (ages 10-15) who are identified as high risk for gang joining and their families. High-risk youth are not identified as members of a gang, but may demonstrate behaviors that increase the likelihood of gang involvement or gang membership. Therefore, the model is designed to reduce the risk of joining a gang by addressing the youth at the individual, family, and peer level, while strengthening problem solving skills and the family’s structure and cohesion. Ultimately, GRYD’s goal is to increase protective factors against gang joining among at-risk youth.

Services are provided by contracted service providers in 23 GRYD Zones throughout Los Angeles. Each GRYD Zone has one assigned Prevention services provider.  

In order for youth to be eligible for GRYD Prevention Services, referrals to the program must meet the following criteria:

  • youth must be between ages 10 and 15 years old;
  • have a significant presence in a GRYD Zone; and,
  • score at risk for gang membership on the Youth Services Eligibility Tool (YSET).

Youth and their families who are referred to the program are invited to participate in a one-on-one assessment interview with a case manager. At that time, they also complete the Youth Services Eligibility Tool (YSET) to determine their eligibility for services. The YSET is composed of nine scales. The scales include:

  • Antisocial Tendencies
  • Weak Parental Supervision
  • Critical Life Events
  • Impulsive Risk Taking
  • Guilt Neutralization
  • Negative Peer Influence
  • Peer Delinquency
  • Family Gang Influence
  • Self-Reported Delinquency

To be eligible for GRYD Prevention Services, a youth must meet or exceed the risk threshold in four or more of these areas.