Violence Interruption

Violence Interruption

An Overview of GRYD Intervention Incident Response

As part of GRYD’s violence interruption efforts, GRYD Intervention Incident Response (IR) is designed to address gang violence both by responding to incidents of violence when they occur and by engaging in ongoing proactive peacemaking efforts within the community. The GRYD Office, GRYD IR Providers, and City partners work to reduce the potential for retaliation following an incident and to support victims and families impacted by violence.

The entities involved:

  • Deploy and provide community response (e.g., diffusion of rumors, crowd control);
  • Provide referrals to services (e.g., connection to GRYD services, victim assistance);
  • Negotiate peace treaties/ceasefire agreements; and,
  • Engage in proactive peacemaking activities and events (e.g., monitor hot-spots, conduct impact sessions).



Two goals of GRYD’s violence interruption activities are (1) to facilitate communication and responses to gang violence, and (2) to educate the community. These objectives are addressed through rumor control, crisis intervention, and other ongoing activities involving all partners. Here, rumor control is defined as disseminating accurate information as quickly and widely as possible throughout the community as possible.

In addition to responding when incidents occur, GRYD Intervention providers also spend a significant amount of time in communities through proactive peacemaking efforts. These efforts aim to reduce violence in communities by conducting or participating in activities related to violence interruption.

Violence Interruption