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The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) was established in July of 2007 to address gang violence in a comprehensive and coordinated way throughout the City. GRYD implements a Comprehensive Strategy to drive funding and practice decisions across areas designated as GRYD Zones. GRYD currently provides gang intervention and prevention services in 23 GRYD Zones throughout the City of Los Angeles, along with community engagement programming, and various other initiatives.

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The Volunteers of America (VOA) team in Rampart 2 brought families together during the overwhelming and fearful situation the community is facing, so they had Pollo Loco delivered to their community, taught healthy eating habits, and hosted a Taco Tuesday Fiesta and Pizza Night. Excellent work, VOA!

Rampart 2 VOA

GRYD Results at a Glance


Estimated Number of Violent Gang Crimes Prevented by
GRYD incident response 2014-15


Visits to 32 Summer
Night Lights Sites Sites in 2017


GRYD Prevention Clients
decreased risk of gang joining


Enrollment Increase in 2017
Intervention & Prevention Services